Should we keep our secrets save to ourselves…? or let them effuse?

Enigmas are everywhere, some play with them but some take them as easy as they can. Everyone should know that secrets should be kept in mind, never share to others. Why am I saying thing? Only one reason because no one can resolve your secrets but to destroy your upcoming life with your own creative things. Would you ever think that someone will ruin your entire life with bloody secrets, eh, never? So never do it.
Secrets mean you do things but do not tell others, simply mean you do not want to. If you do not want, never let others to know your puzzles. Many secrets come in mind which I want to share to you as I have seen them in myself. Some are about our daily life. About our education, health and daily life as it goes on.
But some secrets are about your family members, the milieu of home and the girls. Why am I saying about girls? You know, everyone has to pass a life which passes through the girls. People always keep their matters in quiet. Some salient questions people ask for never should do. Asking questions about a girl’s age and a man’s salary can make them angry. It’s a reality. When you see me, I do not tell my doings to others and keep my secrets confidential. So, I can spare my time. How much time you do give to others means you are spending your own time for others.
Some mysteries are about education, students do not want to tell. Keeping secrets originally means you are making some comfort abilities for yourselves. In this way, some keep their health condition in secret. I have seen many people who tell their matters to others although big or less, this does not matter to them. Only what matters is to tell their talking. In my opinion, this is totally unfair. Why would you do this? Totally it is an action of no need.
On the other hand, I would suggest if you are in plight to talk to anyone about your feelings and emotions you will have to go to a person to whom you do not know. Give a space to yourself and start a negotiation to him. Tell that strange person what you want after a long drive. After you feel good, come back to you home and enjoy those feelings. You will be happy doing this. It is people’ nature that no mystery can be remained in their heart, so, when that strange person would tell your emotions to others it does not matter to you to whom he is telling and why.
Once you do this, you will always do, I bet. Totally it would be in favor of you.
Telling secrets means you would be in trouble and will be in a dilemma after going on some days. I have my secrets as much as I have ever lived. Be vigil in your actions and never tell others about your

clandestine actions. I learned this from my family that keeping your latent actions would lead you toward a big success.
Big problem of failure is to not to keeping secrets with you. Whenever you want to fail you would go to a man and tell him your secrets. This is an informal action. Let’s see our business, it works there. Many stakeholders are in wait in search of misleading. As soon as you open your mouth, your all dialogues will go forward in hurry and failure will start.
Discussion with others always makes problems to you which lead toward failure. Never discuss your plight situation with others to whom you know very well, so that you would not be in trouble in your coming days.
Be happy with your work but do not let anyone to pry in your affairs. People are good at to change their behavior with their deeds. If you have any person to deal appropriate affairs, you will have to be vigil especially.
Do me a favor and listen to yourself, so that I can see you with favorable results.
At the end, I would say that Allah is with us. He’ll bestow His blessings.
Allah bless you.
Tasdeeq Qaisrani

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