Students’ Psyche….

When we notice the sight of the students, their eyes shine with bright future if it works. The students’ culture and society in our native land never determines their enormous feasibilities about the studies. Believing in cramming is always a deceiving one with the lives.
In my Muslim Community, I heed on many logics of the sophomore. They cram more and more as can do but coming to future life their concepts are much weaker which ruin a student. After that they’ve to gain much knowledge. In this article, my main focus on varsity tutees.
As a fresher, they indulge in horseplay and mostly waste their time on Mobile phones but also being in a state of curiosity about the fellow damsels they dwindle around the varsity without taking the classes. Never make a plan of study but the plan of rounding here and there in varsity, go to canteens, take a breakfast, live there and take the brunch “A Big FLAW”. Taking the brunch they come their hostels where always internet is available and sit on internet till the time of dinner.
The other gigantic religious flaws I notice after completing learning’s are:
Elite class students get the jobs without being in any dilemma but working class family’s students feel in difficulties as their CGP is a bit well but cannot get jobs in hurry. Family pressurizes them for a job, people ask some bitter questions about a position of employment but they have no replies to respond.
After that they start new logics as being religious persons, at every point they say Insha Allah not only they say but also enforce the others to say Insha Allah for them to comfort their inner. Whenever someone not says Insha Allah, it makes them angry and asserts some decrees upon them as like infidels.
Some students who are worry about the loss of hair always think about it and some consult the medic’s office from one spot to another site waste their ready money on practice of medicine. A big problem should seek to solve this issue and come over it only family members can do.
Some exercise an extreme caution when they have a rendezvous with others so that it’ll not prove it an ominous to the upcoming days. They kneel and bend to others and make a flattery. A notorious one. A bitter reality but people mind it as it’s against their manner when we talk because I never blandish others.
Now a days, those students get marriage who have a field of work or line of business but most unemployed adults do not have it. That’s why cannot get married as fluctuations in our economy and inflations in the commodities of daily life and the industries. Jobless is a main problem we have in our society. In this milieu of unemployment, finalists get oppressed from the government and the rituals of the society.
Dwayne “The Rocky” is the man from whom we should learn something or from the most paradigm of new technology person Elon Musk (founder of Space X).

My free council for the oppressed bunch of students is to stay low key and never make problems for yourself to destroy your incoming four-day life (Char din ki chandni) with these Hippocratic decisions. Before coming to difficulties, solve them with the help of your elders. The elders always make a decisive decision for the infuriated infants.
When we define the word “Psychology” it means that it judges our behavioral and inner pragmatic cultures, it means that before doing something we should judge ourselves so that we could know that what are our characteristic and disadvantages. After doing this we can solve our own issues without consulting the others about ourselves. Deeply go in yourself and ask the questions what to do and how I can do from this, it would ensure us not to do those undertakings which can harm us.
Every person has its own psyche as many people could not study their inner manners but some can do this job swiftly we call them “psychologist” who completely but not perfectly elaborate others’ harsh technicalities. It’s so mean to go to them to share our lives’ conundrums.
Be vigil and look through every nook and cranny of your aliveness. So that happiness comes towards you. As someone had said “Happiness is not a matter of event, it depends upon the tides of mind”. Close the doors of infringements from the day of first when get an admittance to a varsity it opens the doors of your mind’ intellectual capabilities.
Hardworking does its work but never ever feel smug owing to this; it is a weak point after being qualified and finalist. Listen to all but do what you want.
At the end of this, my wake-up call to you is that my prayers are always with you guys Insha Allah. Never mind…..
In a lighter note: God bless you and Allah is with us.
Tasdiq Qaisrani

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