A Dimming Sky

Depressed * Stephen (Commercial student) is a skinny and thin child. Many times he used to think like that.
People I should pray Think deeply about it every day. But never said to anyone, give money
A little strong But there are virtues that foolish people with his father in many events once lived in remote areas of
Punjab Province
In the age of 7-9 years, lived in remote areas Then they moved their house into
The urban area, on the other hand, the mother of the housekeeper, his father often gave his son a short arm.
For moral punishment But his father made his hand strong in economy At the beginning of his ordination
Very violent in beating at Noori Mosque in his teachings
His tutees with echo and a little disgusting language due to our society
I am not a host to the seminary priests. But their steps made me angry when they caught our society
The direction of religious stubbornness The clerics do not want to change the course of the mosque as they consider.
Schools and higher education in schools are against Islam and Muslims, but do not know.
That this is the way to develop our country and society
I pondered because they didn’t know much about modern technology and education when we spent time.
The steps in the direction of this newly developed society from unemployment by this season will erupt.
They have no knowledge of modern educational media. They don’t have much information.
Reference mathematics, economics, statistics and new taxes There is a monopoly in Arabic.
Never wished coins in the kingdom
Now go back to our discourse. Stephen and his father had a slight diarrhea.
Complicating some terrible contact with the inner mix items makes him annoyed. That is why Dad did it.
Do not call him, why dad never talked to him with love Otherwise the father will be the greatest.
The blessing of Allah in the world for his children named to Allah for the last 25 years
Remember that his father never hugged him in the past 25 years, whenever he recognized these problems within
He shed tears But not all the time he told anyone while he kept his secret in confidence
Father is only the source of his children. Life and death are in the hands of Allah. When he is not happy about
The love of his father, I have thirst for your love. But did not respond, causing him to worry
He faced a sluggish language. He always remembered these slang words. He only told me about these things.
Subject. But being his brother and friend, I have nothing to solve these problems, only one father.
can do.
Everyone has resentment But he has many people I’m overthrowing these complaints because if someone else
There is a big problem. Anonymous. Father must solve the problem without hesitation.

Disputes must be resolved by a family member. Father is not for labeling flower bouquets. being
the soul of his children, he must take care of his friends. The highs and lows come into the life of everyone, but this
does not mean not to cooperate with friends, but friends are bright parts of life, without
friends of the family, at home feel lonely, so in the absence of the father at home they look like graveyards.
Save your residence from being graves, make some time to give it to your household so that
You can save your family before time runs out. Why some never understand what they have
family with children. No need to be clerics in your home, just understand you, buddies.
Once he became so flawless with rage and said that if they cannot feed us, then why
children were born. Difficult, but got my heart. On this occasion, he robbed me of speech. But the answer is
They dominate our community.
I always use the word “community” in my lectures for Muslims, because here clergymen in
seminaries have great privileges in society, but those who are not clerics will not have the right to speak
about Islam. For their kind of information, belief in a deity is not their feud.
Stephen always sheds tears so far. But my prayers are with him. In my next topics I will also
talk about him.
Allah is with us … …!
Tasdeeq qaisrani

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