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When we observe the eyes of students, their eyes will shine with a bright future if they work. The culture and society of students in our homeland has never given a tremendous possibility about education. Believing in cramming is always a hoax with life.
In my Muslim community, I have listened to many years of logics. They compress more and more that can be made. But coming to life in the future, their concepts are weaker than destroying students. After that, they received a lot of knowledge. In this article, the main focus goes on the agent tutees.
They immerse themselves in horse racing and spend most of their time on mobile phones. But was in a state of curiosity about the women friends they had reduced without attending school Never planning education But there are plans of rounding here and there, in the agent, going to the cafeteria, eating breakfast, living there and eating brunch at “The big flaw” They come to the brunch hostel that has always provided internet and sit on the internet until dinner time.
Other gigantic religious flaws that I noticed after graduating were:
Top students get a job without any difficulty. But students in the working class family felt that it was difficult because their CGP was quite good. But can’t work hastily The family pressured them to have work. People asked bitter questions about the job. But they have no answer to answer
After that, they began to logics as a new religious person in every point in which they say Insha Allah. People on their behalf like pagans
Some students who are concerned about hair loss often think about this and some people consult a doctor’s office from one place to another, causing a waste of money on drug preparation. The big problem should try to fix this problem and fix it for only the family members can do.
Some people take great caution when meeting with others in order to not prove that it is a harbinger for the coming day. They kneel and bend others and flattery. Famous one Bitter truth But people were shunned when we spoke because I had never insulted others.
Today, these students get married with a career or business. But most unemployed adults do not have That is why it cannot be married due to economic fluctuations and the expansion of everyday products and industries. Those who have no job are the main problems we have in our society. In this unemployment environment, the finalists are oppressed by the government and social rituals.
Dwayne “The Rocky” is someone we should learn something or from the most advanced paradigm of a new technology person. Elon Musk (founder of Space X)

My independent council for the oppressed group is to maintain low importance and never create problems for yourself to destroy your four-day life (Char din ki chandni) with a hippie decision. Before having problems, fix them with help from your elders. The elders often make decisive decisions for infuriated babies.
When we define the term “psychology”, it means that it judges our behavior and inner culture. It means that before doing something, we should judge ourselves so that we can know what is the nature and disadvantages of we After doing this, we can solve our own problems without consulting others about ourselves. Enter your character deeply and ask questions about what to do and what I can do from this. It will make sure that we will not do those things that may harm us.
Everyone has their own minds because many people cannot study internal manners. But some people can do this job quickly, we call them The complete “psychologist”, but does not fully explain the serious techniques of others Going to find them to share our life problems
Be careful and look at every corner of your life. So that happiness comes to you As someone said “Happiness is not a matter of events. It depends on the currents in the heart.” Closed the door. Violation from the first day when being allowed to represent it will open the door to the intellectual abilities of your mind.
Working hard But never felt satisfied with this It’s a weakness after being selected and finalists. Listen to all but do what you want.
At the end of the call to wake you up is my prayer, always with you, Insha Allah. Never mind … ..
In a lighter note: May God bless you and Allah is with us.
The end……….
Tasdiq Qaisrani

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