Students’ Psyche….

When we notice the sight of the students, their eyes shine with bright future if it works. The students’ culture and society in our native land never determines their enormous feasibilities about the studies. Believing in cramming is always a deceiving one with the lives. In my Muslim Community, I …

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Misogynist and Gynophobia

In Pakistan, this native land has two types of lives like the others; pastoral life the one where countrymen live in conjunction, maximum know everyone, people embrace each other’s intense happiness and hue and cry; the metropolis life leads to complexity ; mass earn more and more sum of cash …

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How we can design Centrifuge ..?

Centrifuge It includes the following steps. Brief Introduction Classification of centrifuges Selection of centrifuge Description of selected centrifuge Design consideration Brief IntroductionA centrifuge is most often used for the separation of particles from solutions according to their size, shape, density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed. These machines utilize …

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